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In a house in the middle of the woods, Temper opens her eyes to see her captor. “Ugh… Who’s captured me this time…? What do you want…?” A hybrid who looks nearly identical to her walks up to her and looks her dead in the eyes, “I see you’ve woken up. My name is Tempest, I’m sure that goody-two-shoes Sanovit has already mentioned me. He just can’t help but do so. So imposter, cheap knock-off, your name is Temper, eh? I feel sorry for you, to have such a cliché name.” Temper growls at her, “What the spark do you even want with me?!” Tempest grins, “Your head on a gleaming silver platter. But here’s the catch-- if you can beat me in a dance-off, I’ll spare your life-- FOR NOW.” Temper shakes, “Uh- a dance-off…?” Tempest remarks, “I could just end you right here, right now. I’m giving you a chance to live, will you take advantage of this opportunity, or just accept the fact that I’m better than you, give up, and die by my hand?” Temper flares up in a rage, “I CAN’T SPARKING DANCE! YOU WANT TO DECIDE MY FATE WITH A DANCE-OFF?! YOU’RE A LOONY!” Tempest extends her claws, “So I guess you wanna die then?” Temper growls, “Ugh, NO.” Tempest smiles, “I knew you couldn’t just give up and die!”

Tempest snaps her fingers and her orange half-brother pulls a switch. The floor changes to a black and dark-gray checker pattern. Tempest says, “Alright punk, if anyone’s gonna be getting blood on my dance floor, it’s gonna be ME, got it?!” Temper slowly nods. Tempest yells at her brother, “ALRIGHT SOLAIR, I NEED SOME DUBSTEP ON THAT ORGAN, OR ELSE!” Solair starts playing dubstep music on his organ. Tempest jumps and does a backward summersault, landing on her hands. Immediately after, she starts moving like a robot. Temper watches in fear. A blue hedgehog-dragon hybrid dressed much like a pirate yells at her, “AYE, WATCHIN’ AIN’T A DANCE, DIS IS A DANCE!” The hybrid starts demonstrating by dancing the Egyptian, then the chicken dance. Temper just watches. The hybrid facepalms and walks up to her. She whispers, “Aye, I’m tryin’ ta help ya, but if ya don’t let me help out, ya might not make it outta here alive.” Temper raises her hand with her index finger extended. The hybrid grabs her hand and lowers it gently, “I know what’cha gonna say. Ya want ta know why I’m helpin’ ya. Well, if I don’t help ya, I won’t be able to humiliate ya in tha future!” Temper flares up in a rage and yells, “I JUST CAN’T DO IT! I NEVER WAS ABLE TO DANCE AS A HUMAN, WHY THE SPARK WOULD I BE ABLE TO DANCE ANY BETTER NOW?!”

Shocked, Tempest stops and faces Temper, “You- you were once a human?” Temper slowly backs away from her, “Y-yeah. What about it?” Tempest runs up to Temper and hugs her. In response, Temper’s heart races out of fear. Tempest exclaims, “I’ve always wanted to meet a human! They’re such an admirable race!” She looks at Temper, only to see that she has fainted. She sighs, “Of course she faints… I guess I’ll just have to ask her the questions when she wakes up… Fixas!” The blue hybrid looks at Tempest, “Aye captain?” Tempest looks at Fixas with a stern look on her face, “Take that apparently former human up to my room on the extra bed.” Fixas nods and does so.

Six hours later, Tempest is sitting on her bed, looking at Temper. Temper finally wakes back up, “Qui quoi où quand?” Tempest looks at Temper like she’s crazy, “WHAT the spark was that supposed to mean?” Temper looks at Tempest and blinks, “… I think I just said ‘who what where when?’ in French.” Tempest groans, “Whatever. So if you WERE a human, tell me, what do humans look like?” Temper blinks, “Tell you? That’d be a bit impractical, drawing a human to show you would make more sense.” Tempest commands, “Do it then. Draw a human.” Temper sighs, grabs a white sheet of paper and pencil, and draws a quick sketch of a human. She then hands it to Tempest. “Amazing! You must not’ve been lying then!” Tempest hugs Temper again. Temper’s eyes widen from shock. Tempest pets Temper like a human would a pet. In reaction to being pet like a lower life form, Temper growls. Tempest ceases petting Temper, “Oh, sorry, did I offend you?” Promptly, Temper nods. With a sigh, Tempest looks at Temper, “Sorry, I don’t mean to offend, I just… The voices in my head…” Temper looks at Tempest in fear and jumps out the window, running straight to the city, not stopping even when she becomes exhausted.

When she reaches the building which she had first been in in this world, she is breathing heavily. Temper knocks rapidly at the door and collapses. Reddite opens the door and gasps, immediately calling for help. They bring Temper in and go to treat her as needed.

GlimmerVolt Ch 3
The monster who Sanovit created over a million years ago to help GlimmerVolt's populace captured Temper, and, challenges her to a dance-off?...

This is probably the last chapter. Don't expect any continuation. I've kinda went off gone in another direction. Sorry to any few people who actually read this.

The next “day”, Temper wakes up. She looks around in confusion. “What am I doing here again…?” She stands up. A few seconds later, she remembers. She shakes her head at her stupidity as she refers to it as. Upset once again, she walks up to the mirror and pouts. Like last night, she can’t help but find her pouting face amusing. Temper starts making faces in the mirror again and gets carried away. Sanovit walks in and looks at her weird. Temper’s ears twitch and she turns to face Sanovit. She cracks a smile at Sanovit, “Your face! You should see it!” She snickers as Sanovit raises an eyebrow. Sanovit proclaims, “I don’t see what’s so funny or amusing about facial expressions.” Temper reasons, “Well, if you were from where I’m from, people’s faces don’t have nearly as much expression as the faces of the people here! That’s why it amuses me!” Sanovit says, “I see… But, Temper, how are you gonna help us if you’re goofing off in this room, making faces in the mirror?!” Temper looks at Sanovit with a face that has “I am not amused” written all over it. She mumbles something, and then whines, “FFFIIIIINNNEE… I can stop making faces at the mirror for a few minutes.” She turns back to the mirror and snickers again. Sanovit sighs and leaves.

In the hall, Reddite was standing and waiting for his father. Sanovit looks at his son and shakes his head, “Ugh, she’s so weird and childish.” Reddite raises an eyebrow, “Hmm, okay?” Sanovit sighs, “I don’t think she’s actually going to help. She’s probably gonna be making faces in the mirror, and Tempest will come along and destroy everything! The room which Temper is in will be the last place not destroyed, and then Tempest will blast through the wall! The last thing that kid will see will be her reflection when she freaks out and Tempest ends her!” “Is that so?”

 Sanovit and Reddite look behind them and see Temper. Temper gives Sanovit the stink eye, “You know, I could hear what you were saying.” Sanovit looks at Temper and sighs, “Err, sorry.” Temper lightens up a bit. Sanovit explains, “Uh, you see the fact that you were just making faces in the mirror, well, that led me to doubt your competence.” Temper says, “Well, when you put it that way, I can understand why you thought that.” Sanovit’s face brightens up, “Thank you for understanding!” Temper grins, “I didn’t say you were off the hook! What’s in it for me if I let bygones be bygones?!” Sanovit shrieks, “WHAT?!” Temper cackles, “I was just yanking your chain!” Sanovit glares at Temper and growls. Temper grins and teases, “Hey now, don’t let your Temper get the best of you!” Temper bursts out laughing. Sanovit gives a stern look to Temper. Temper notices and knocks it off, “Sorry.” Shaking his head, Sanovit starts walking, signaling Temper and Reddite to follow him.

Soon enough, the three are standing on the rooftop. Temper runs over to the edge of the roof and looks down, “Oh my sparking Electrift! What a view!” Sanovit smiles and walks up to her, “You see, this is what I’m trying to save.” Temper looks down at the city below, amazed by the lights more than anything. “Temper! Be careful! Don’t fall off the roof!” Temper faces Sanovit, “Relax, I’m not gonna fall off!” Just then, someone pulls her off the roof. “TEMPER!” Temper tries to yell, but her speech is muffled by the gloved hand on her mouth. Sanovit grimly watches as Temper is taken away by the monster he created over a million years ago. Reddite embraces his father and pats him on the back.

GlimmerVolt Ch 2
Temper wakes up in the room which was given to her by Shred, not immediately registering in her mind what happened the previous day. Upon looking in the mirror, it all comes back.
-Majorly delayed, series discontinued, ends at Ch 3.-

Sanovit is the opposite alignment parallel counterpart of Torn. Torn is the main villain of DarkenVolt, who takes over the body of his son Shred. Unable to stop his latest and greatest creation Stormer, he creates 666 freak hybrids in a futile attempt to stop her. Eventually, he even creates a clone of her, figuring that only another one of her could stop her!

~~Link for pre-publish-read of the next chapter(s) available upon request. I have the right to deny anyone's request whom I deem unworthy, however. No offense.~~
Sonic Sprite -Spore- by StormerStatic
Sonic Sprite -Spore-
... Hmm, maybe it's best that this can't be uploaded to Spore. Next thing I'd know, everyone would be stealing it.

Yes, I put my name on the screenshot, because people shouldn't be going around and taking credit for other people's hard work, even if it is just something like a recreation of a sprite from a video game, in another video game. Theft is theft, and it's wrong.
Carol by StormerStatic
"Space cooties!"
Drawn in Flipnote Studio 3D, colored in GIMP.
Lilac by StormerStatic
Drawn in Flipnote Studio 3D, then colored in GIMP. Ugh, trying to color her in Flipnote Studio 3D was a nightmare, so. Yeah. That's why I went and did the coloring on the computer instead. :V

A SPARKTON of New Polls

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 2:06 PM

Yep, I have no life, so I made a few polls today. Honestly, any and all feedback is appreciated, even negative and harshly negative. :3

CSS by Earldense
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