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Temper, like Stormer, used to be a human. However, unlike Stormer, she was not killed by her dimension’s version of Shred, whose name is Reddite. The double-agent Lectar was given an assignment by Sanovit, Reddite’s father. Lectar was to go into the human alternate reality and kill Temper, who would then be brought back. This saddened Lectar, he didn’t like harming good people, but knew he had to do this for the greater good. When Lectar returned to Sanovit’s lab with the lifeless body that was once known as Temper, Sanovit immediately got to work.

A few hours later, Sanovit finishes. Temper wakes up and yells in confused anger. “Where the spark am I?! What the spark is going on?!”

Sanovit and Reddite approach Temper, and Reddite unlocks Temper’s shackles. Confused as to why her apparent captors let her loose, she stands there, waiting for a reason as to why. Reddite bows and apologizes to Temper. At first, Temper hesitates, but she accepts the apology. Judging from Temper’s behavior, Sanovit figures she must be confused and want answers. He also apologizes, and explains why he did this.

"You see Temper, we have a bit of a problem... I created a hybrid named Tempest years ago, she was the greatest thing I had ever created, and with her help, I hoped to make GlimmerVolt and DimmerBolt better places, and maybe even reunite them into one planet someday. However, little did I know, Tempest was pure evil. One day, I walked into the lab, and saw her reprogramming the device that would have brought dead trees back to life! She was reprogramming it to make the trees suck the oxygen out of people! When she turned and saw me, she fled."

"So, you're in a serious pickle, huh?"

"Indeed! Eventually, Electrift came to my aid and sealed Tempest in the Inpero Crystallus. But over 100 years ago, she broke free! It was awful; all my hard work was once again destroyed."

"Sheez, I wish I could help. A good man like you shouldn't be suffering like that!"

"Thanks Temper. I thought you'd be willing to help me."

"By the way, why did you turn to me in the first place?"

"You see, you're essentially Tempest, but an alternate reality counterpart. This means you may be able to think like her and figure out how to stop her!"

"Maybe. I hope I don't turn out evil like she is though!"

"No need to worry, that won't happen."

“So then why did you turn me into… whatever it is that I am…?”

“Oh, yeah, about that. That’s so you’ll actually stand a chance or at least be able to survive, should you end up facing Tempest or one of her lackeys.”

“Hm, fine. I’ll help, but when I’m done helping, could you please send me back to my own reality?”


Temper, Sanovit, and Reddite all look at each other. Sanovit offers his hand, suggesting that Temper shake it in acceptance of the agreement to help him. Temper shakes his hand, and Reddite cheers.

Temper feels like it’s getting late, so she checks her watch. Upon doing so, she notices that it doesn’t appear to be counting seconds anymore. She asks in frustration, “What’s wrong with my watch?! What did you do to it?!” Sanovit looks at Temper’s watch and shakes his head, “It appears that it either no longer works properly, or it is working according to the time flow of your original reality.” Temper tilts her head, “What exactly do you mean by that…?” Sanovit faces Temper, “You see, in your reality, time goes by at a slower pace than it does here… That’s why your watch doesn’t appear to be working properly.” Temper inquires, “Would you happen to have a watch for-,” Sanovit interrupts, “Certainly! Why wouldn’t I have a watch for this world’s time?”

Temper is handed the watch. Immediately after receiving the watch, she checks the time. “Wow, it’s already that late? Hey, um, you, sir, person.” Sanovit’s ears perk up and his eyes widen. He realizes he forgot to introduce himself! “Oh, sorry miss, where are my manners? My name is Sanovit.” He points at his son. “That’s my son Reddite.” Temper awkwardly smiles and shakes their hands. “It’s nice to meet you.” Reddite smiles sincerely, “Indeed. It has been nice.”

Temper yawns, “Aaaannnyywwaay… “Sanovit notices, “You seem tired, Temper.” She nods. Sanovit sighs, “Oh course, I’m such an old fool. Follow me.”

The black and red hybrid walks to a door, opens it and proceeds to walk down a hall. The dark blue hybrid, who looks more like a hedgehog with a long tail than a hybrid, follows him. He opens the twelfth door on the right. Temper looks in the room. Speechless, she walks in. Sanovit inquires, “So, will this be alright? I know it’s not much, but…” Temper, who had been looking at the incredible view out the window, quickly turns her head to face Sanovit, “Alright? You’re kidding, right? This isn’t alright! This is amazing!” Sanovit smiles, about to leave the room, “Well, if you need anything, just push the green button.” Temper nods and looks around; Sanovit leaves the room.

For a several minutes, Temper wanders around the room, checking out every little detail of it. She trips on her tail as she walks up to the widescreen TV on the wall. It doesn’t take her long to recover and stand right back up. Upon standing, she checks out the dresser. She smiles, seeing tons of black clothes in it. She rushes over to the closet and opens it, it is full of black clothes as well. Temper closes the closet, then walks up to the mirror. Initially, she pouts as she looks at her reflection, but upon doing so, finds the face rather humorous. She makes another face, and eventually forgets why she was upset.

Having finally calmed down, she changes into pajamas and goes to sleep.

GlimmerVolt Ch 1
GlimmerVolt, DarkenVolt's opposite parallel counterpart, where (almost) everyone is of the opposite alignment. Temper? Well, she's the same alignment as her DarkenVolt counterpart. However, her personality is a bit darker; she likes to cause trouble, has a bit of a temper, but she actually doesn't mean any harm. Here in the description, I'll probably be point out similarities and differences between the inhabitants of two worlds, but- each description will feature characters introduced in the previous chapter! Hmm, I guess that works around the whole potential big spoilers thing, huh?

So, Tempest wakes up after having died, only to find out that she's in some weird lab, surrounded by people who certainly aren't humans. Eventually, she finds out that she herself is not human, not anymore.

Lectar is this universe's counterpart of Darlec. Like the original Darlec, he is a double-agent. Interestingly, he is one of the people whose alignment stays the same in this universe.

~~Link for pre-publish-read of the next chapter(s) available upon request. I have the right to deny anyone's request whom I deem unworthy, however. No offense.~~

On a planet where the sun never shines, in a serene city of the future, a hybrid stands on the balcony of the tallest building in the city. The hybrid is covered in dark gray fur, with dark red hair and red horns. His long ears drooping; he looks into the distance, at the woods that were burned down by what was supposed to be his greatest contribution to society. His piercing red eyes full of tears, he rests his head on the railing of the balcony and sighs.

A blue and yellow hybrid who bears a great resemblance to the dark gray hybrid, except without wings, walks up to him. The dark gray hybrid looks at his son. His son speaks to him, “So, you’re still upset?” The father nods lightly and replies, “Yeah… I wish I could’ve stopped her. I wish I had the power or strategy to stop her…” The son looks at his father, and then looks down at the city. The father sighs, “Sorry Reddite, I don’t mean to dampen your mood.” Reddite replies, “It’s alright.”

The two stand on the balcony for several minutes, looking down at the city below. The door opens behind them and they look to see who it could be. A dark red hybrid that looks like a four-armed dragon covered in spines had opened the door. He walks up to the father and son. The father looks at the hybrid, “Eddiit? What are you doing here?” Eddiit replies, “Sanovit, sir, it’s ready.” Sanovit’s eyes widen, “Really?! That great news! I’ll be right there!”

Sanovit runs in the building, and rushes through the halls, making various turns before coming to an elevator. “Finger print recognition required,” says a robotic voice. Sanovit places his finger on a scanner, and the elevator opens instantly. The doors close as soon as he enters. Immediately, the elevator takes him up to the top floor. Upon arriving, the doors open once more and he walks out.

Sanovit calls, “Lectar?” A dark gray mammal with two long skinny tails that end in colorful orbs, called an elemec, answers, “You’re here!” Lectar runs up to Sanovit. Sanovit asks, “So Lectar, are you ready for your mission?” With an upset look on his face, Lectar sighs, “Yes sir. I’m not exactly thrilled that I have to do this, but I understand that it’s for the greater good.” Sanovit replies, “Thank you. I know this is hard for you, this is hard for me as well, to have you do this, knowing that neither you nor I would wish to do such a thing.” The elemec nods in understanding. Lectar starts walking, “So I guess I just go through this portal now?” Sanovit nods, “Yes, the time flow of the alternate reality is temporarily on par with the time flow of our reality. You’d best not waste time though, the longer you take, the more opportunity there is for technical problems, or worse...” Nodding in understanding, Lectar walks up to the portal and enters it.


 After entering the alternate reality, Lectar looks around. He notices some locals and promptly climbs up into a tree to avoid detection. From the tree, he observes the locals more closely. They actually seem to resemble the populace of his own reality, even if slightly. One of the locals looks up the tree, and Lectar doesn’t move a muscle until they stop. Lectar ponders for a moment. The local who looked up the tree, he actually seems to resemble someone he knows… Sanovit! Lectar wonders how he’ll go about sneaking through town to find who he’s looking for.

Only a minute later, Lectar has a plan. He drops down from the tree and swiftly runs to the next tree. He looks around, and moves on to another tree after getting no results. About ten trees later, he’s about to run to the next tree, only to find that a local is standing in front of him! The local asks, “What are you? I’ve never seen anything like you before…” Lectar shakes a bit while trying to keep a straight face, he stutters, “Uh, me? I’m just a kid in a costume! Uh, yeah, that’s it!” The local looks at him weird, then says, “Hmm, well, okay then! Nice costume!” The local runs off, and Lectar resumes what he was doing before the interruption.

After looking from behind several trees, Lectar is about to give up. He starts walking back to where the portal spit him out, when he hears a door open and close. He gets behind a tree and observes. Three people walk out who resemble the “friends” of his enemy. Once they are no longer within earshot, he runs up to the door of the house and enters.

He closes the door behind him and looks around. A girl with crazy dark blue hair and red eyes, all dressed in black, looks at Lectar from behind the couch. Lectar’s ears twitch and he rushes at the couch. Startled by this, the girl falls backwards and hits the wall. Lectar sits on the top of the couch crouched, “I’m sorry, but this is for the greater good…!” He stabs her in the heart, and she falls silent. Lectar sighs. He rushes the dead body back to the portal.


GlimmerVolt Prequel
"Fun" fact: This was actually written after chapter 1. Also, this reading here is entirely optional actually.

~~Link for pre-publish-read of the next chapter(s) available upon request. I have the right to deny anyone's request whom I deem unworthy, however. No offense.~~
DarkenVolt -WIP- by StormerStatic
DarkenVolt -WIP-
Yeah, this is a WIP still. If you take a look at some of the shading and lack there of (in some areas), you can tell that this is obviously incomplete. There are other things I plan to add.
Sonic Remix Cover -YouTube- by StormerStatic
Sonic Remix Cover -YouTube-
This is /PROBABLY/ finished. PROBABLY. No guarantees though.

-No, you may not use this. Sorry.-
Crash Bandicoot -YouTube Remix Cover Art WIP- by StormerStatic
Crash Bandicoot -YouTube Remix Cover Art WIP-
The name says it all. Who on YouTube is going to be using this? Me, of course. :V (I like to do my own drawings for everything, after all.)

If you are not me, you should NOT be using this.

A SPARKTON of New Polls

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 2:06 PM

Yep, I have no life, so I made a few polls today. Honestly, any and all feedback is appreciated, even negative and harshly negative. :3

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